Best Data Storage Products of 2013

Data storage products witnessed quite a revolution in 2013. Data centers were more than willing to try out newer products with greater performance and quality standards. Here is a list of the products that wowed the audiences with their super brilliant features in 2013.

  1. Best Data Storage Products of 2013OneBlox from Exablox was a clear winner in the storage systems category. This is an object storage system that is excellent as either a primary system or as a backup system. Onebox offers up to 32TB of raw capacity. Exablox has also followed this up by introducing the OneSystem cloud-based management platform for monitoring the OneBlox.
  2. In the storage systems software category, SanDisk FlashSoft 3.2 was a winner. It has been declared as the system with the most efficient server-side cache. This product supports multiple vendors and both solid state and flash-based drives. It supports the SATA, SAS and PCI Express interfaces.
  3. In the storage infrastructure category, what stood out was the Mt. Rainier Adapter from QLogic Corp. The FabricCache cards have the ability to share data and mirror caches across servers.
  4. Riverbed Whitewater 3.0 was the winner in the best backup hardware category. These state of the art physical devices support datasets of up to 14.4 PB. There is also support for up to 10Gbps Ethernet. The physical devices can scale up to 96 TB with an ingest rate of 2.5 TB per hour. The virtual application scales up to 8 TB of cache. It has an ingest rate of 250 GB per hour.
  5. Veeam Backup & Replication was the winner in the software based backup and recovery category. The prominent feature of this product is that multiple data centers and sites can run a backup across sites thanks to its in-built WAN acceleration system. A new feature, based on requests from customers, is the tape support, making archival and retrieval simpler compared to before.

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Alex Carroll

Alex Carroll

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