Current Status

All systems are online and operational.


Lifeline's relentlessly pursues two competing goals: higher uptime and lower costs.

Balancing uptime and costs requires innovation. That's exactly what Lifeline has done since the doors opened in 2001. We have engineered our facility to reduce dependencies and developed patented, fault tolerant, redundant systems that keep our customers at the highest service levels in the industry.

Data Center Innovation


  • Awarded Patent for Data Center Power Distribution
  • Redundant Array of Generators™
  • Redundant Array of UPS's™
  • Redundant Array of Chiller Plants™
  • Most Direct Power Path™
  • Low power air handlers
  • Solar power generation to support the data center


In order to achieve optimal compliance, we have developed and implemented our own governance, risk management and compliance software.

And many, many other innovations we can't talk about.

Managing IT can be complicated and difficult.

Picking the right solution for your business can be a lengthy process and decision. View our "What is the Best IT Environment for My Business?" infographic to learn more.