Current Status

All systems are online and operational.


Lifeline's relentlessly pursues two competing goals: higher uptime and lower costs.

Balancing uptime and costs requires innovation. That's exactly what Lifeline has done since the doors opened in 2001.

Lifeline Data Centers Innovations

  • Customized power generation and distribution
  • Highly redundant chilled water systems
  • Low power air handlers

  • Governance, risk management and compliance software
  • Solar power generation to support the data center
  • Redundant Array of Generators™

  • Redundant Array of UPS's™
  • Redundant Array of Chiller Plants™
  • Most Direct Power Path™

And many, many others we can't talk about.

Managing IT can be complicated and difficult.

Picking the right solution for your business can be a lengthy process and decision. View our "What is the Best IT Environment for My Business?" infographic to learn more.