How Lifeline Helps IT Professionals

Lifeline's Value to Information Technology Professionals

Lifeline Data Centers provides strategic data center outsourcing to reduce downtime and allow for information technology growth and change.

  • What should you look for in a colocation provider?Improve operational efficiencies: Focus on the business information technology instead of physical plant and data center facilities.
  • Decrease IT operational expenses: Lifeline space is a fraction of the cost of the capital expense of building your own.
  • Operate the best facilities per dollar spent: Highly redundant power and cooling, in an F5 tornado-resistant building protects critical systems from costly downtime.
  • Eliminate the barriers to business growth and change: Add power, cooling and space quickly and on demand as business requirements grow and change.
  • Reduce downtime: Deliver the highest service levels to your clients and employees. Meet client expectations and overcome competitive pressures.
  • Transform capital expenditures into operating expenses: Free up capital funds by expensing data center facilities.

 Not all data centers are made the same.

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