Lifeline Data Centers has produced three white papers to help you learn more about data center colocation and outsourcing your primary data center. To learn more, download the white papers below:

Why Data Center Power Compartmentalization is Important

We’ve created a comprehensive guide on data center power compartmentalization and why it matters for your business. Download this white paper to learn how it affects the security of your data.

Data Center Power Compartmentalization

8 Reasons Companies Outsource Their Data Centers

Why are companies moving primary data centers to outsourced data center facilities? Download this white paper to learn why it’s a good idea for your business and for your cybersecurity.

Eight Reasons Companies are Outsourcing the Primary Data Center

Should You Outsource Your Data Center?

Thinking about outsourcing your data center? Here’s a comprehensive guide on what you should consider when you’re thinking about outsourcing your data center. Download the white paper now.

Should You Outsource Your Data Center