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All systems are online and operational.

Cloud Infrastructure Services

You cannot do better than Lifeline’s secure and compliant cloud infrastructure. You can work with Lifeline for a fraction of the cost of maintaining your own, like infrastructure internally and still have full control of your business applications. You cannot find a service in the United States that gives you more value than the dollar you spend with Lifeline.

Lifeline will make your IT dollars go farther

Our team of experienced IT professionals cover the gamut of cloud infrastructure and IT services for our clients. We’re entirely focused on providing high-performance IT systems while still being cost-conscious. We can analyze your current infrastructure and/or future needs, find the gaps, provide strategic recommendations and implement solutions.

FIVE KEY BENEFITS of working with us include:

  1. Redundant, high-performance compute and storage infrastructure
  2. Wide availability of Internet and data network carriers with no cross-connect fees
  3. Cut overhead cost of purchasing and maintaining your own equipment
  4. Mitigate the risk of failing or aging equipment
  5. Responsive 24/7 customer support
RedRack Secure Cloud

FIVE KEY REASONS why Lifeline stands out as a Cloud Infrastructure Provider:

  1. We are FedRAMP Ready
  2. Systems designed by one of the most data center certified individuals in the world
  3. Top-notch, 24/7 security
  4. A data center that has currently experienced no downtime at its Eastgate facility since it was commissioned
  5. A solid reputation in the marketplace as innovators and uptime experts

Cloud Services

Backup, replication and disaster recovery are three different functions of business continuity planning which must be considered as part of a comprehensive business continuity plan. We understand the differences and complexities of the three, which helps us build effective solutions on a case-by-case basis. Our experts will be able to provide different options for your individual business, regulatory or compliance needs. Lifeline mitigates your potential for costly data loss and downtime.

We understand that connectivity is critical in your business, and we also understand that every business is different. Firewall and load-balancing services help ensure that important network functions can be performed. Those services may be associated with protecting your data and meeting your industry compliance requirements or ensuring that under heavy use, your systems can spread data requests across multiple systems. Lifeline Data Centers has access to over 20 carriers with no cross-connect fees providing flexibility, and if appropriate, redundancy in your data network.

Maximize the reliability of your business-critical computer systems. We offer a variety of managed services, including:

  • 24 Hour Network Operations Center (NOC) for support
  • 24×7 monitoring services
  • Operating System, backup and replication software licensing
  • Router, firewall, load-balancing and switch services
  • Server management services
  • SAN storage
  • Online backup and recovery services
  • Customized services based on client specifications

Cloud Compliance

All Lifeline Data Centers, LLC network devices (switches, routers, and firewalls), be they Cloud, Corporate, or Infrastructure, are configured with and tested for full conformity with DISA (Defense Information Systems Agency) STIGs (Security Technical Implementation Guides).

Lifeline is FedRAMP Ready. Corporate American can now host their applications in the same type of highly secure environment used for Top Secret information.  Companies who provide cloud services to the U.S. government must be FedRAMP-compliant, and those controls are monitored continuously. In other words, being FedRAMP-compliant means that our data center will have obtained the highest level of audited security available today and tomorrow.

To learn more about why this is important, download our micrographic series.


Lifeline obtained PCI compliance in the form of a PCI DSS AOC (Attestation of Compliance) and a PCI DSS ROC (Report on Compliance), vital qualifications for data centers handling payment card data. This achievement secures Lifeline as a top data center provider. Read the full press release about our Pondurance-verified PCI DSS.

Thanks to Lifeline Data Center’s security and compliance measures, your data will never be safer.

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Lifeline’s Cloud Infrastructure as a Service offering will let you focus on your business instead of troubleshooting IT issues or babysitting servers. Request a quote now.