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How Lifeline Helps IT Service Providers

Lifeline's Value to IT Service Providers

6 ways to cut your data center’s energy consumptionIT Service Providers are faced with a changing marketplace. Clients are consciously concerned with overall systems uptime. Zero downtime data centers, rated-4 data centers, "always on" data centers are what your clients (and their clients) have come to expect.

Recommending mission critical facilities alternatives like Lifeline helps clients improve uptime and lets IT Service Providers focus on the core business of selling and implementing IT products and services.

Lifeline delivers 99.995% uptime in a vendor neutral environment. Clients often ask us about IT service providers. Lifeline recommends client service providers first.

Many IT service providers "sublease" data center facilities in Lifeline Data Centers, creating a monthly recurring revenue stream and the opportunity to bundle and uplift.

 Not all data centers are made the same.

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