Run Your Bank on FedRAMP-Authorized Infrastructure.

Lifeline Data Centers is FedRAMP Ready. The Federal Government constantly evaluates ways to ensure efficiency, security, and innovation for its institutions. In response to the efficiencies found with cloud adoption, FedRAMP—the Federal Risk and Authorization Management Program—was born, standardizing security assessment, authorization, and continuous monitoring for cloud products and services.

FedRAMP certification is a requirement for the Federal Reserve, and your Federal Reserve Auditor is required to comply with it. When your Auditor comes to visit your bank, they’ll be using FedRAMP as a frame of reference to audit your technology.

Will you pass your audit with your current infrastructure?

Instead of going through the arduous path of FedRAMP certification and education, outsource your compliance needs and run your bank on FedRAMP-authorized infrastructure. You’ll save yourself money and time, along with the added benefit of knowing you’ll always pass your technology audits.

Big Data Needs Will Drive Data Center Expansion

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