Computerworld: Four ways to save energy -and $$$- in legacy data centers

Will a server consolidation project that cuts total servers by 50% through virtualization cut operating costs by that much? Not even close. That’s just one of the data center energy efficiency tips that hit the cutting room floor as my feature story, Data center density hits the wall, launched this week.

Here are four more to consider:

Consolidation through virtualization: A 15% solution.

Consolidating servers using virtualization reduces the total number of physical servers and saves energy, but not by as much as you might think. Why? One reason is that the more fully configured replacement servers tend to use more energy than those they replace. So what should you expect to see in energy savings from a server consolidation project? Ben Stewart, vice president of engineering at hosted service provider Terremark, sees a lot of them at the company’s colocation data centers. On average, he says, “You get about a 15% power savings by doing the reduction in space.”

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Alex Carroll

Alex Carroll

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