CSO Magazine – DDoS Returns: What Researchers Are Learning About Targets, Tactics

The ability of attackers to dig deeper and wider thanks to the proliferation of botnets was covered in the first article of this series, DDoS Attacks Are Back (and Bigger Than Before). The trend is also covered at length in The Botnet Hunters.

In this article, two IT security practitioners — one with experience in dealing with DDoS attacks against government systems, the other an expert from the corporate side — share what they’ve learned about the targets chosen for DDoS attacks and how to adjust security strategies based on those lessons.

CSOonline conducted Q&As with Jerry Mangiarelli, a security specialist with TD Bank in Canada, and Israeli researcher Gadi Evron.

A corporate security specialist on motives and tactics
Jerry Mangiarelli has gained a lot of private-sector perspective on the DDoS threat over the years through his own personal research into botnets. He’s a frequent speaker on the subject at such security conferences as EC-Council, SecTor and FSP. Here, he gives examples of what his research says about hacker tactics and motives.

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