Cybersecurity Gains Momentum as Companies, Government Push it to Forefront

The focus on cybersecurity recently intensified with the appointments of 12 people to the federal Commission on Enhancing National Cybersecurity. That commission now has until December to come up with recommendations to enhance security for the government and the private sector.

“I have charged the commission with the critically important task of identifying the steps that our nation must take to ensure our cybersecurity in an increasingly digital world,” said President Obama in announcing the team, which includes representatives from companies like IBM, Facebook and Microsoft.

While the deadline is tight, the recommendations can’t seem to come quick enough. According to a recent survey, technology companies ranked cybersecurity as the No.1 priority for their operations, according to the IEEE Computer Society.

Cybersecurity Gains Momentum as Companies, Government Push it to ForefrontAlso, another report shows that the government, including NASA, seems to be particularly vulnerable to cyberattacks. SecurityScorecard noted that four major attacks against the government have already been reported this year. Also, 2015 marked one of the largest attacks against the government when the personal information and Social Security numbers of 21 million people were stolen from the Office of Personnel Management.

“Government organizations ranked at the bottom of all major performers, coming in below information services, financial services, transportation and healthcare,” SecurityScorecard noted.

Cybersecurity National Action Plan

Another significant part of the government’s Cybersecurity National Plan (CNAP) involves investing in innovative technology — upgrading the federal government’s IT, especially as it relates to cybersecurity. A bill has already been proposed to spend $3.1 billion for IT cybersecurity and modernization projects in fiscal year 2017.

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