Data Center Security Market is Projected to Grow Amid IoT Attacks

As if the data center industry needed another reminder of vulnerabilities facing companies, a widespread cyber attack recently impacted millions of personal devices connected to the internet, including routers and security cameras.

According to a representative for Dyn, which was the primary target, the incident was unprecedented. “What we discovered was that it was a part of an botnet attack called the Mirai botnet, which basically goes into folks’ homes and takes over Internet of Things devices and literally turns them into attack vectors,” said Kyle York, chief strategy officer, in a news report for NBC.

Dyn monitors and routes traffic for major internet companies, including Twitter and Spotify.

Those type of cyber attacks against IoT devices are a huge source of concern as the industry is expected to grow significantly — reaching about 20.8 billion connected devices in use by 2020, according to Gartner.

Data Center Security Market is Projected to Grow Amid IoT AttacksPaving the way for data center security

With the increase in cyber attacks, the demand for the global data center security market will grow — reaching $15.5 billion by 2024, according to Grand View Research.

The report pointed to several factors tied to IoT, including the increasing adoption of cloud computing and virtualization, as well as the need to protect sensitive information, such as intellectual property and consumers’ personal information. It also revealed other findings contributing to the trend, including:

– A shift toward cloud computing and cloud storage that has given way to more vulnerabilities and exposure risks.

– An increasing awareness about the need for cyber security measures in the wake of data cyber attacks and cyber breaches.

– Increasing governmental and industry demands that companies set up security measures to ensure the privacy of their consumers.

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