6 ways to cut your data center’s energy consumption

Look around. Every company should be doing this on a regular basis, evaluating operations and processes for areas that can be more efficient — and, as a result, cut costs and increase profits. For many companies, those gains can be made by assessing the energy consumed by their data centers.

6 ways to cut your data center’s energy consumptionAccording to the Data Centers Users Group, a recent survey revealed that 42 percent of the respondents had recently analyzed efficiency with their data centers or were in the process of analyzing it. The areas that were perceived to have the greatest opportunities for energy efficiency were cooling equipment at 49 percent; servers, 46 percent; power equipment, 39 percent; and storage (21 percent).

Here are 6 ways you can focus on cutting those costs, according to Energy Star and Emerson Network Power:

  1. Virtualize your servers. Consolidating multiple servers to a single physical server, those servers can operate more efficiently and reduce energy costs by 10 percent to 40 percent, according to Energy Star.
  2. Decommission comatose servers. Check to see whether some of your equipment is being under-utilized or not used at all. Studies show that, on average 15 percent to 30 percent of data center equipment, is running — consuming energy without being put to use.
  3. Upgrade cooling systems. Innovations have led to increased efficiency in cooling systems — one of the components of your equipment that consumes the most energy. These new technologies can include variable capacity systems and improved controls.
  4. Organize and improve stored data. Take the time to minimize storage utilization by finding areas of duplication. Some companies unwittingly keep duplicate copies of the same data, wasting storage space.
  5. Properly seal the data center environment. By installing a vapor seal, you can better control relative humidity, reducing the need for unnecessary humidification and dehumidification, according to Emerson Network Power.

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