eWeek: Feds Hand Out $47 Million in Grants for Green Data Centers

HP, IBM, and Yahoo were among the recipients of grants from the Department of Energy for projects aimed at making data centers more energy efficient through innovative components, better power supplies and improved cooling tchnologies. The $47 million in federal stimulus money will be matched by $70 million in private industry donations.

The Department of Energy is handing out $47 million in grants to projects aimed at increasing energy efficiency and reducing greenhouse gas emissions from data centers and other IT facilities.

The grants, announced Jan. 6, will be distributed among 14 private projects around the country, and will be matched by $70 million in private industry donations, according to Energy Secretary Steven Chu.

“If you look at how energy is used in IT … at the component level, at the rack level, [it’s important] to make them more energy efficient,” Chu said during a conference call with reporters. “It’s essentially in all sectors of the IT industry. There are great gains to be had.”

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Alex Carroll

Alex Carroll

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