Fibertech: Making Connections to Data Centers (including Lifeline)

Over the past several years, Fibertech has been connecting its networks across the company’s 24-market territory to major data centers in an effort to fulfill bandwidth demand at these data aggregation points. The company now has connectivity into more than 50 major data centers including:

* Steelvault in Oxford, CT;
* Cervalis in Stamford, CT and Totowa, NJ;
* XAND in Hawthorne, NY;
* DuPont Fabros in Piscataway, NY;
* Equinex, Telecom Colo and Digital Trust Realty in Philadelphia;
* Sentinal in Somerset, NJ;
* Expediant in Upper Arlington, OH;
* Lifeline Data Centers in Indianapolis;
* Sungard in New Jersey and Phildelphia;
* TelX in NJ;
* Centrilogic in Rochester and Buffalo, NY;
* in Providence, RI;
* IPR in Philadelphia/Wilmington, DE;
* Switch and Data in Indianapolis, New Jersey, metro New York City, and others across its 11-state operations

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Alex Carroll

Alex Carroll

Managing Member at Lifeline Data Centers
Alex, co-owner, is responsible for all real estate, construction and mission critical facilities: hardened buildings, power systems, cooling systems, fire suppression, and environmentals. Alex also manages relationships with the telecommunications providers and has an extensive background in IT infrastructure support, database administration and software design and development. Alex architected Lifeline’s proprietary GRCA system and is hands-on every day in the data center.