InformationWeek: Top 10 CIO Priorities

Which issues are top of mind, or should be top of mind, for CIOs? Consider this list, gleaned from discussions with scores of U.S. and Indian CIOs, as well as from our own research.

On a trip to India late last month, I had the privilege of speaking at our company’s Interop event in Mumbai. My presentation’s theme: Top 10 Business Technology Priorities: The Perspective Of U.S. CIOs.

While it’s a bit presumptuous of me to speak for U.S. CIOs, I have met with and interviewed scores of them during the past year, and I have at my disposal rigorous surveys of U.S. business technology executives to back up my qualitative impressions of what’s on their minds. So using that information, I not only presented my top 10 list to a CIO audience at Interop Mumbai, but I also sat down with half a dozen local CIOs. Here I present, in inverse order, that non-definitive top 10 list of U.S. CIO priorities–and how they measure up against the priorities of Indian CIOs. Your challenges will vary, of course, and I encourage you to weigh in.

No. 10: Improve Collaboration

What do Ford, Procter & Gamble, and Cisco have in common? Their CIOs all cite improving collaboration among their companies’ far-flung employees and supply chain partners as one of their top priorities. The overarching goal: increase productivity and tease out innovation.

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