InformationWeek: Twitter, Zynga Capitalize On Wholesale Data Center Space

Social media and Web 2.0 companies take advantage of available wholesale data center space, especially in Chicago and Santa Clara, Calif.

Zynga, the online game provider that recently went public, and Twitter were the two largest leasers of wholesale data center space during 2011, according to the Grub & Ellis National Data Center Practice year-end report.

Grub & Ellis is a broker of wholesale data center space, connecting tenants with builders such as CoreSite, DuPont Fabros, and Digital Realty Trust. There are several specialized brokers of such space. A wholesale data center builder produces a secure and efficient data center building, often with more than one source of power, and then a broker finds tenants to lease the space.

Wholesale space is different from hosted or managed services because the tenants put their own equipment in it and run it themselves. Grub and Ellis’ year-end summary doesn’t cover all broker’s activities, only their own, but is representative of some wholesale data center trends.

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Alex Carroll

Alex Carroll

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