NetworkWorld – ‘Server huggers’ present obstacle to cloud adoption

Chipita America CIO defend food makers use of cloud-based apps, and criticizes many IT managers’ reasons for eschewing it.

Chipita America may be as close to a server-less company as one can find. Its ERP systems, EDI, BI, Office, Exchange and file servers are all hosted in a service provider’s cloud.

About six years ago, when many IT managers were debating Nicholas Carr’s book ” Does IT Matter ,” Chipita CIO Scott Martin was moving the Tulsa, Okla.-based snack food maker’s email to a third party’s cloud hosted platform. Since then Chipita has moved the rest its core systems to the cloud.

Martin said he didn’t see a competitive advantage in managing internal systems, believing that his time could be best spent focusing on business needs.

“The real difference that IT leaders [can make] is being able to leverage information to create competitive advantage in the marketplace,” said Martin.

Six years later, Martin is still a pioneer in cloud adoption, and at times is called on to defend and explain the approach to his peers.

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Alex Carroll

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