TechRepublic – Pros and cons of procuring your own IT in the cloud

Continuing my foray into the cloud with Amazon Web Services, I am now in a position to place information on the web, for the world to see. I created a new Amazon EC2 machine, carried out some security patching and installed a web server. I don’t have to worry about high availability, e-commerce or encrypting my data.

Now the server is ready to take content that will be available on the Internet. I can do this myself and bypass the traditional workflow in my enterprise. Unfortunately, this proves to be a double-edged sword.

I decide, in a moment of drivelling thickwittedness, to put up a single page with a few helpful details about me and my department. It’s easy enough to create a static page describing the department I work in. I don’t have to worry about high availability, e-commerce or encrypting my data. Of course, this is a trivial example: being able to start a car does not make me a driver. The more complex the business solution, the greater the technical challenges I have to overcome.

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Alex Carroll

Alex Carroll

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