Thinking of building your own data center? Wholesale data centers may save you money

Thinking of building your own data center? Wholesale data centers may save you money.

Some studies have shown that a little over half of commercial organizations will be faced with a change in their primary data center in the next five years.  These companies usually move because they are faced with a shortage of data center space, data center power or data center cooling. Some will be moving the data center because the headquarters is also moving   Are you considering moving your data center?.  If so, you are probably considering outsource computer room facilities as well as the alternative of building your own computer room.  Is there value in outsource data center facilities? Are outsource data center costs lower than building your own?

The answer is often yes.  Unless your company has in-house expertise on building mission critical facilities like data centers, there may be great value in considering outsource data centers.  Data center capital costs can be outlandish, even for a small computer room.  The cost of building facilities with uptime levels that are comparable to Uptime Institute Rated-4 data centers is even higher.

Ask yourself these questions:

What level of data center uptime does my company require?  If the company needs 99.995% uptime or better, you should consider outsource data center.

What level of mission critical facilities expertise does my company have on staff?  Is the company prepared to build and maintain facilities in-house?

Does it make more sense to trade data center capital costs for operating expenses?  Is the cost of capital too high?

Does data center compliance play a role in my company’s decision?  Outsource data centers with a focus on compliance can solve problems that cost a company tens of thousands of dollars to handle on their own.

Do you have more questions?  Call the outsource data center and compliance experts at Lifeline Data Centers.

Alex Carroll

Alex Carroll

Managing Member at Lifeline Data Centers
Alex, co-owner, is responsible for all real estate, construction and mission critical facilities: hardened buildings, power systems, cooling systems, fire suppression, and environmentals. Alex also manages relationships with the telecommunications providers and has an extensive background in IT infrastructure support, database administration and software design and development. Alex architected Lifeline’s proprietary GRCA system and is hands-on every day in the data center.