Top 21 Things You Need To Know Before Choosing A Colocation Service Provider

1. Choose a Top Quality Internet Network – A worldwide Tier 1 International fully redundant OC192 backbone with additional 10 GigE network connections to hundreds of other Internet networks is the best service a business can acquire. Ask the colocation provider(s) that you are considering about their Internet network connection size and network details.

2. Choose a State-of –the-Art Class A Colocation Facility – A facility that has highly scalable and super fast connections to the top Internet backbones, redundant UPS and Prime Source type of generator backed electrical power, redundant A/C systems, 24/7 on-site technical support and physical security.

3. Does the Colocation Provider Include Remote Hands for Free or for a Fee? – Ideally, you want to find a provider that does not charge for remote hands service because it can be very costly. There is no need to pay a fee when there are state-of-the-art providers that offer it for free. These colocation providers who include remote hands service for free often have faster, more responsive and experienced technical service personnel who will be there around the clock, when you need them most.

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Alex Carroll

Alex Carroll

Managing Member at Lifeline Data Centers
Alex, co-owner, is responsible for all real estate, construction and mission critical facilities: hardened buildings, power systems, cooling systems, fire suppression, and environmentals. Alex also manages relationships with the telecommunications providers and has an extensive background in IT infrastructure support, database administration and software design and development. Alex architected Lifeline’s proprietary GRCA system and is hands-on every day in the data center.