Top 3 Mistakes to Avoid When Choosing a Colocation Data Center

If you are looking to eliminate the expense of building or upgrading your own data center facility, a colocation data center may be your best option. Providers may vary in terms of service costs, connectivity and service-level agreements, so make sure you are choosing wisely by avoiding these top 3 mistakes when choosing a colocation data center.

1.  Getting swindled by a colocation provider

Top 3 Mistakes to Avoid When Choosing a Colocation Data CenterA big driver in choosing to a colocation data center might be cutting expenses, but make sure you are finding the right offer for you. Many people don’t know the appropriate pricing for data centers, but it can vary, especially with the security, compliance and expertise that is offered. In regards to your data, a high cost isn’t always a bad thing as long as you’re getting what you need from the outsourced data center. Definitely compare prices along with level of services offered. A good way to gauge price and quality?? Ask what tier the data center is. The higher the tier, the higher the price, but it means that data center has invested in making their operations more efficient and compliant.

2. Choosing the wrong provider

Choosing the right colocation space for your business can be a big concern, but if you follow a few guidelines, you can avoid getting stuck with the wrong provider. Make sure you are choosing your provider and space based the needs of your business to avoid going over or under your budget. You want the provider to match the requirements you have established for your company. Choosing a provider that is quickly accessible to your IT specialist and your staff will help to avoid any disasters or geographical risks. Have a checklist and work with the provider to make sure they can match those requirements, but also listen to what the provider has to say about what they think you need as well.

3. Sending your data center into a spiral of stress

Once you have selected a provider and cost that suits your company, it’s time to move forward. In some cases, the provider will want to take over the staffing, IT strategy and even the overall process of your data center. The key to successfully outsourcing your data center is making sure everything is documented, compliant and running smoothly. Have a dedicated manager who can oversee any issues or concerns.

When outsourcing to a colocation data center, it is critical to avoid these mistakes and find a location that complies to your company. Finding a reliable colocation provider can be a daunting task, but we can help. Call Lifeline Data Centers at 317.275.0001 or schedule a tour with us now to learn more about our colocation operations.

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Alex Carroll

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