Will You Know Where Your Business Is If The Lights Go Out?

A recent study pointed out that fear of downtime outranked data theft among consequences of a data breach or other intrusion. There’s a reason for that ranking, and it extends far beyond breaches.

According to a Trusted Strategies/Solera Networks survey of 200 security professionals, system or network downtime or outage was the top concern when dealing with the aftermath of a security incident.

It’s no great leap to see that the concern applies to any kind of downtime, not just that caused by a breach of security.

The reason that downtime topped the list, according to survey respondents, was the awareness that downtime — and especially the often chaotic process of recovering from it — is something too many businesses are unprepared for.

For the IT professionals participating in the survey, the focus on consequences of a data breach were paramount. That downtime, associated with cleaning out systems, insuring that the systems actually are cleaned, then restoring the systems to full operational capability rightly tops security concerns… and you can be close to positive that it tops business concerns as well.

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Alex Carroll

Alex Carroll

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