Heather Darcy: IT disaster recovery planning and earthquake emergency response: Lessons learned from Haiti

The 2010 Haiti earthquake killed more than 210,000 people, and approximately 1 million people were evacuated from their homes. That disaster was followed about a month later by the 2010 Chilean earthquake, which scientists said shifted the earth’s axis, and generated a blackout that affected 93% of the country and lasted for several days in some areas. And more recently, the death toll from China’s recent earthquake is nearing 2,400 according to reports.

In the aftermath of Katrina and other hurricanes a few years back, IT staffs in certain geographic areas made hurricane preparation a top priority in IT disaster recovery (DR) planning.

These earthquakes in Haiti and Chile should prompt IT organizations to look at how they’re prepared to survive earthquakes, just as Katrina and other hurricanes a few years back made hurricane preparation a top priority in IT disaster recovery planning in certain geographic areas.

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Alex Carroll

Alex Carroll

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