Data is a valuable asset in any business, and it must be protected, hosted, and managed the right way—especially in large-scale transactional and data-centric companies (e.g. Insurance companies, Technology Service Providers, Government Agencies, etc.).

However, it’s extremely expensive for business’ to take on the burden of meeting data compliance requirements, keep up to date with government and industries regulations, and have the dedicated resources to triage issues 24x7x365. That’s why it makes great business sense to outsource your risk and expense to partners who provides these services to businesses every single day at an affordable cost.

When working together, TCC Cloud Solutions provides managed hosting services while LLDC provides the optimal real estate to house your data. With both organizations focused on customer service, compliance, and cost, we can safely say that your data will be protected, secured, and managed effectively.

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Lifeline and TCC have jointly hosted and worked on:

  • the world’s leading enterprise for business process and document management site.
  • a large-scale government health insurance marketplace website.
  • the portal that supports a federal nutrition program that provides assistance to low- and no-income families living in the U.S.

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