3 Essential Qualities of a Wholesale Data Center

When reviewing data center solutions, you may consider leasing space in a wholesale data center as a viable option for your needs. Of course, you’ll likely shop around to determine which data center or colocation center in your area best suits your IT needs.

3 Essential Qualities of a Wholesale Data CenterWhile many data centers offer various options and lease agreements, make sure they have these 3 essential qualities to ensure a successful arrangement.

  1. Clear lease agreement. A quality data center will make sure that you fully understand the terms of the lease arrangement. Take your time in reviewing your rights under the agreement. According to attorney David Orwick, who will speak at the Data Center World conference in National Harbor, Md., this fall, the leasing agreement is the main document that will govern your relationship with a colocation center. “IT organizations need to make sure there are real remedies attached to the document,” said Orwick, who is a partner with the law firm Thompson Coburn. He recommends that you have experts familiar with contracts to review the documents before signing an agreement..
  2. Up-to-date certification. Data center requirements, depending upon the industry, include various certifications and compliance regulations. Ask the data center in question about its practice in maintaining those requirements. Review its certifications and the results of its audits, including SSAE 16, NFPA, HIPAA, FDA, PCI/DSS, Sarbanes Oxley and TIA-942. Ask about the qualifications of the facility’s team of experts to ensure that they are regularly undergoing training to keep up with industry requirements.
  3. Experience. A colocation center should be able to give you a history of its results with other clients, including a review of how it controlled downtime risks, increased cost-effectiveness and connectivity, and its satisfaction ratings in customer relations. You should also make sure that the center has experience in serving a business of your size in your particular industry.

You have plenty of choices. Make sure you select the right colocation center that meets your future needs. Contact us at Lifeline Data Centers for a tour of our facilities. We’ll be happy to show you around as well as give you an overview of the results we have achieved with our clients.

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