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If it’s that time – time to move your data center, chances are you’re bracing yourself for the obvious headaches that can result from a major transition, including potential downtime that could cost hundreds of thousands of dollars in productivity. To minimize the pain of a data center move, implement these 4 steps as part of your plan.

4 Steps to Minimizing the Pain of a Data Center Move

  1. Establish a solid network. For a successful data center move, it’s essential that you ensure that you have a solid network set up beforehand. If the move is to a relocation center, this shouldn’t be a problem. Quality data centers will have experience helping you prepare for a major move. However, make sure that you’re given the opportunity to review the new network thoroughly. If your plan involves moving to a newly developed data center you own, upgrade your cables, switches, routers and other similar equipment. Take the time to test the connectivity before the final move.
  1. Develop a cable plan. Just as you would with a proper paint job, plenty of prep at the beginning can save you hours of time on the back end. That’s why it’s important to make sure your cables are pre-wired. Check all devices to make sure the locations of active ports are clearly labeled. When it’s time to reconnect the cables, you’ll find the job will go much more quickly.
  1. Map out your strategy. Go through the steps of your move. Besides your network and cable plan, think about your process for re-racking. Do you plan to move the servers in the cabinets? If so, how do you ensure that nothing goes awry? Do you need to buy new cabinets so that the process goes more smoothly? How many people will be needed to load the equipment? How will you convey where everything should be installed? Who will be guiding the process? It’s important to have all these steps figured out to ensure that the move goes smoothly, effectively and quickly. Establish an organized plan for assigning tasks to different team members, and determine how you will best communicate progress or setbacks.
  1. Prepare for the unexpected. Whenever you take on a major project, there are bound to be a few obstacles along the way. The best method for handling these during a data center move is to prepare for various scenarios. In addition to mapping out a strategy, develop backup plans to handle those situations.

If you’re contemplating the next steps for your data center needs, contact Lifeline Data Centers for help with determining the best option for your company. Our team has had years of experience in providing solutions for businesses in numerous industries.

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Rich Banta

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