Experts Predict Demand for Data Center Industry will Double by 2021

There seems to be no end in sight for the demand of data — all driven by American’s extensive use of media, including apps, YouTube videos and social media platforms. And industries of all types are driving increased demand for data centers as part of their efforts to gather consumer insights.

Those are among the reasons that JLL is predicting that the demand for the data center industry in North America will double within five years — by 2021. The acceleration of cloud adoption is also behind that growth.

Experts Predict Demand for Data Center Industry will Double by 2021The JLL report outlined several other major trends, including the following:

Climate change is shaping data center legislation and technology; innovations include more energy-efficient cooling systems and other energy-efficient designs.

Data center users are increasingly asking for more flexible solutions, as well as setting higher expectations for reliability and speed. As a result, data center providers are responding to those demands.

“Cloud services will continue to be the primary demand driver in North America,” said Bo Bond, a region lead for the JLL data center solutions group. “The industry’s biggest players are ready for it. They are upping their game with smarter capacity planning and virtualization strategies to meet the growing demand for this very specialized space.”

Microserver market to grow nearly 30 percent

Another recent report indicated significant growth in the global data center microserver market as well. According to Research and Markets’ Global Data Center Microserver Market 2016-2020 report, that market will grow by a CAGR of 28.83 percent from 2016-2020.

That trend can be attributed to the increased construction of green data centers — which include innovations as fuse of renewable energies and waste recycling.

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Alex Carroll

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